Cambridge Youth Football Club

Cambridge, WI

The Cambridge Gridiron Club is a volunteer group dedicated to supporting the Cambridge Football tradition and promotes pride in our teams and community. 

Since its inception in 2002, the Cambridge Gridiron Club has donated tens of thoudands of dollars to the high school and youth programs for the purchase of weight training equipment, field equipment, supplies, and special events to help our teams stay competitive and ensure the safety of our players. It is through fundraising events such as the Trivia Contest held each spring at the Lake Ripley Country Club and the sale  Cambridge Football of merchandise and apparel that the Cambridge Gridiron is able to provide financial support to Cambridge's Football Programs.




If you would like to join the Cambridge Gridiron and support the High School and Youth Football Programs in the community, Use the online registration form below.



Club Goals
  1. Coordinate football program fundraising activities to minimize the impact on the community and to maximize volunteer efforts.
  2. Supplement the budgets of Cambridge Flag, Youth, and High School Football programs.
  3. Promote and contribute to programs and initiatives that develop life skills in addition to football skills.
  4. Encourage parent and fan involvement in assisting teams, fundraising and other activities.
  5. Build community pride and awareness of the accomplishments of our student athletes. 

   Officers                                                 Members

   Raquel Parish                                                           Craig Van Valin

   Cheryl Shultz                                                             Mary Ellen Van Valin

   Dawn Mohoney                                                         Shannon Tuscic

   Jay Bowe                                                                   Kim Zuelsdorff

   Chris Biermeier                                                        Diane Evanson

   Robin Geick                                                              Tina Eagan

   Patrick Eagan                                                       

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