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Concussion Information


The Cambridge Youth Football Club is dedicated to the safety and education of its coaches, athletes and parents regarding concussions. The CYFC has provids the following documents for parents and athletes regarding what a conssion is, how to prevent concussions, how to determine if a young athlete has suffered a concussion, concussion treatment and effects of concussion in their daily studies.


The CFYC complies with Wisconsin Act 172, and uses the WIAA Recommended Concussion Management Plan, and NHSFA guidelines regarding concussions. These guinelines along with a copy of the WIAA Recommended Concussion Management Plan are provided below for reference.
To participate in the CYFC, the athlete and parent must read and sign the Concussion Acknolowledgement Form (downloadable on the Registration page) and submit it to the CYFC prior to participating in any CYFC activities.
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Concussion Education For Parents, Athletes & Coaches


Concussions and school performance, click to view: ConcussionSchoolPerf.pdf

WIAA Recommended Concussion Management Plan


Click to view: Concussion_Management_Plan_1_1_.doc


NHSF Guidelines for Concussion Management


Click to view: NFHSConcussion.pdf


2012 Wisconsin Act 172